Director of Club Services , Rotaract Club of RVCE

On 26th of October, we had our installation ceremony. And the board memebers of Rotaract Club of RVCE was officially announced. Panduranga Shetty was our chief guest and the event went on nicely with some small blunders (shouldn’t mention). All of the board member were given the batches. Then we all had dinner at BeijingBites with the juniors 🙂

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  1. Sidhant Jalan Says:

    Great, please let me know how the club is doing these days. The activities concluded last year, and the membership strength.

    I was Secretary in 2004, and would love to hear from you.

  2. Pritesh Jain Says:

    This is Pritesh, same batch as Sidhant Jalan. I was the Director of Professional Development. It’s so nice to find something about our club when I googled for it. Any other source to know more about current activites of the club?

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