New virus attack: nhatquanglan/new folder/SCVHSOT

A new virus nhatquanglan has been irritating people in my hostel since one or two month. I still don’t understand why other comps gets so easily affected by viruses, not mine. 🙂

I did some research on the virus and found out the HEAL (cure). It mainly spreads through LAN and copies itself to all shared documents over the LAN. Oooooo…..

I have created the C Program also but its in testing period. Soon this virus will be kicked off from our hostel.

9 Responses to “New virus attack: nhatquanglan/new folder/SCVHSOT”

  1. raj Says:

    how can i remove nhatquanglan virus

  2. piyushlabs Says:

    the step by step procedure to remove this virus is here:

  3. Maanasa Says:

    While installing heal for SSCVHSOT software when i run the taskkill short cut it is giving “there is no framedyn.dll ,reinstllation may fix the problem ” I am not undestanding it and how to remove this virus.It is irritating

  4. piyushlabs Says:

    1> do not run the program from winzip/rar. unzip it outside in some folder n then run.
    2> check if u have “taskkill.exe” file in ur c:\windows\system32\ folder… if not, then copy the file to that folder.
    3> or else follow the manual steps given for nahatquanglan n ssvichosst.

  5. Kister Jimenez Says:

    I created a script to disable scvhsot.exe about two months ago. However many similar viruses came out with slightly modified filename so i dont recommend my script to newbies. if you want it just email me.

  6. piyushlabs Says:

    ya correct. there many of them with slight modifications. but this 1 is the most widespreading one (atleast in my area).. ; )

  7. amit Says:


  8. hiii Says:

    Your Nhatquanglan heal is not work may be virus is updated. your program not detect or delete c:\scvhost.exe

  9. chetan Says:

    hi piyush,
    can you teach me the techniques you use to find out these solutions
    do reply thanks

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