My Head is Spinning

i seriously stared my java-jdbc project after coming to hostel (from home). i spent almost 12 hours per day infront of my comp for 1 week. now it seems to be 75% complete. now, m stuck , i dont know where coz i cannot think any more. we’re supposed to submit it tomo, but no chance. and college starting from tomo. and m not alone at hostel now. atleast the compsci guys have come. the mechies needs a few more days to enjoy… i thought i’d finish my project and enjoy here, but : ( 

i spent one complete day to find out how to get the current date, and convert it to type. a lot more hurdles still on the way till its completion.

now the another tough job is to write the documentation. oh, it su*.


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  1. AAAAA Says:

    I need a heal to reverse and kill …

    what is this

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