Truth about AVG

i was supposed to post this 1 month back

i was called to fix the some problem on Sandeep sir’s comp. i found AVG installed, and fully up to date. after serching for a few minutes , i found the problem: that was ust scandal virus. i was amazed coz AVG had latest updates.

after uninstalling virus. the AVG suddenly poppd up and deleted the “Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe” file. i said: ok, its doing it. but there was another exe file of the same virus named “smss.exe”. surprisingly, it could not be detected. i thought may, let it be.

i came back to my comp. i have lot of viruses saved in my comp.. he he.. when i looked into the properties of these two files, what i saw. both of them have SAME SIZE, SAME MD5 HASH VALUES, only different names.  What does it mean, AVG detects viruses based on “virus name”???

 Oh AVG users gonna kill me for this post. Plz i said this was just an observation by me. May be i am wrong..

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8 Responses to “Truth about AVG”

  1. Dracula Says:

    Hi Friend
    Im interested in developing virus removal softwares.I wud like to to be a part of ur development team. Also I wud like to know whether any specific skill set is needed inorder to be a part of ur team. Kindly inform me. Btw, sofar Ive sucessfully removed Bronstab(and its variants),avpo,Ntde1ect,heap41a, viruses from various infected PCs.
    Sorry ,for makin this post here

  2. arjun Says:

    dear piyush, in my pc while booting there
    appears a message “c:\heap41a\std.txt”.
    pls convey the solution to get rid of this.

  3. Murtuza Says:

    hi bro,pls chk ur yahoomail account i sent u somthing……….

  4. Saurabh Says:

    I completely agree with what u said but would like to add something to it. Anti-viruses and anti spywares do look for the worms and virus using names of the respective processes because the solution is developed only after the attack, so now many such viruses have been developed which actually hide their processes when the anti virus hunts them.

  5. oink Says:

    i think your right..hahahha….thanks for the heals for the viruses….can you suggest a good virus detector?

  6. piyushlabs Says:


    got it dude

    thnks for sharing with us

    i trust Kaspersky,
    but even if u have new virus,
    it asks whether to allow it or not,
    if u say YES, then it will install… he he..
    m talking about the new unknown viruses,
    not the viruses in its definations..

  7. Sandeep Says:

    Hi Piyush, My PC is infected with some viruses, In task manager i see the process(with folder icon) such as dc.exe,fun.exe,SVIQ.exe are running. I do see these folders in WINDOWS folder(56KB). Unable to end the process aswell.Im not sure , is it bcoz of there virues my pc is not detecting the USB drive. Please help… n Thnks…..

  8. nagendra Says:

    Hi Piyush,

    Your tools are very helpful. My system is affected with regsvr.exe since long time. I have used lot of tools. But noluck
    I tried your tools and removed malware and spyware from my system.

    Thanks Much.

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