Hunt and Delete Virus Files

This small utility is a continuation of HealPenDrive.
I have added a few more options.
The best one is: This will help you to delete , what i call, “pattern files”.
Like a virus exe file inside every folder with the name of parent folder name
Eg: ..\songs\songs.exe
One more option is to hunt n delete files based on its size.

Its completely a “batch” file.
I went throgh various samples of batch file over net and learnt to code such programs. Its nice 🙂
So you can open and check its contents.

*Many of you have complained about HealPenDrive to be detected as virus. The thing is, that software is built by AutoIt software, which cannot (as far as i know) be run in exe debuggers to know its exact working. Most of AutoIt files are being put up suspicious by antiviruses there have been many viruses found built on AutoIt.

Link to download:

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16 Responses to “Hunt and Delete Virus Files”

  1. md hassan Says:

    its wonderful and i got rid of all the viruses…….thanks yaaar….

  2. Jebascsl Says:

    Unable to open network properties and my computer properties and data and time and when i open mstsc for remote desktop connection its open in small window. I repaire and i run sfc and i online scan also but its not working

  3. Perumal Says:

    The specify network location cannot be reached error msg coming when i acces network PC but its ping.

  4. sri Says:

    hai…i was not able to deletee the virus even in hunt and delete… the type of virus is
    1 autorun.inf
    2 New folder.exe
    3 regsvr.exe
    these three are not gettin deleted i tried all your ways…. pls help me in this…..

    thank you

  5. pranay Says:

    bro i think i m virus affected as i m not able to open my search option nd moreover m not gettin any folder option in my tools option of ny page i m opening..
    how can it b fixed??

  6. ritesh Says:

    piyush bhai
    my comp has become slow due to frequent installing and uninstalling of programs.
    plzz help me to get gud speed

  7. Prax Says:

    Dude me too in this business. I have created a similar batch file before this post was made. Got a lot of ideas from your batch file. Good going.

  8. Prax Says:

    Dude this section is too dangerous :
    DEL %_drive%*.exe /P /AH /S
    DEL %_drive%*.com /P /AH /S
    DEL %_drive%*.vbs /P /AH /S
    DEL %_drive%*.cmd /P /AH /S
    What if there are some need exe files in the drive??

  9. Mudassar Says:

    Nice work dude………..

  10. Prax Says:

    Hellooo……. need some attention here…
    DEL %_drive%*.exe /P /AH /S
    is going to delete all the exe files in the drive…

  11. HARRY Says:

    Hello everyone

    I’m have a minor problem in my system with the startup problem
    “regsvr.exe cannot found”rundll file also
    Please give me a right solution

  12. deepak Says:

    hai…i was not able to deletee the virus even in hunt and delete… the type of virus is.
    system volume infomations

    these three are not gettin deleted i tried all your ways…. pls help me in this…..

    thank yo

  13. rocco nerro Says:

    hi…please tell me how to make system files invisible again because i cant do it after i change attributes of files and folders on my SO partition.
    i`ve tried with folder options =>do not show… and hide … but don`t work
    thank you

  14. Joe Labu Says:

    I still cant delete the autorun.inf in my pendrive even though had used this software..please help me


    please my penrive does not support for virus

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