Best way to kill SOUNDMIX.EXE

Its very difficult to kill the virus process Soundmix.exe
i found out that this process looks for the presence of a file named “C:\stop.txt”
Generally when you try to kill the virus process, it comes again and again.
Now, create a simple notepad in c:\ and rename it to “stop.txt”
And now, try killing the sounmix.exe
Hola! the process stops…
probably the virus developer used this in testing, but forgot to remove this.. 😉

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4 Responses to “Best way to kill SOUNDMIX.EXE”

  1. cosku Says:

    it works!

  2. jd Says:

    hi , had the same problem , used security task manager, an put it into quarantäne… means it cant retart and is killed for your pc

  3. Credibill Says:

    thank you it works

  4. adogg Says:

    This actually works, AWESOME

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