Why do you want to format your virus affected system when you can get the viruses removed ūüėČ by online troubleshooting

Having antivirus with latest updates doesn’t guarantee you protection against new viruses.
Antivirus takes time to research on latest virus and it takes quite much of time, till they release those virus definition to detect such viruses.

Online Troubleshooting, Repair, Optimization via Remote Access

The service includes :
-Removing viruses
even latest viruses not detected by recent updates of your antiviruses
-Fixing registries
only some antiviruses prevent changes in registries, but once corrupted they are never fixed even when the viruses are deleted, which surely irritates you
-Speeding up system
speed optimization for quick startup and faster performance

How do you get your system fixed?
– i give it to the shop from where i purchased and pay for its transportation
– they keep my system and ask me come after 1 week
– when i go after 1 week they tell they’d take 1 more week
– after 2 weeks they say they can’t fix the problem or the solution is unsatisfactory

How online-troubleshooting works?
-i will use remote access software that will give me control of your computer
-i will fix your computer sitting on my system.
-you will be able to see everything that i do.
-a typical virus case, takes about 20 mins to 1 hour.
-registration link [at bottom of this page]
-i will mail you the date n time for troubleshooting.

This service will be available free of cost till April 28, 2009

Windows XP

Broadband connection

Register at:


  1. Online Troubleshooting « : : : Piyush Labs : : : Says:

    […] https://piyushlabs.wordpress.com/online-troubleshooting/ for more […]

  2. purnachandrarao Says:

    Sir, I am working in Govt. Sector in Andhra Pradesh, frequently i faced a problem while maintain computer. some file names are displayed in blue colour, while format the system working normally

  3. purnachandrarao Says:

    please give necessary rectify methods by email

  4. Rahul Says:

    @ purnachandrarao

    Its just compressed form.. go right click on document, properties, advanced, and uncheck the compress file to save disk space and apply.. and blue file name is vanished!!!!

  5. Shreyas Says:

    I have got a dictionary software. Pocket oxford dictionary (POD) 2006 From today that is not working when I type any certain word in search. It shows

    Offtolin bad offset

    and some time it shows

    POD caused a General Protection Fault in module POD.EXE at 0002:514F.
    Choose close. POD will close

    I have reinstall it many times.. but doesn’t work.
    Please let me know how to repair this.

    Would appreciate your great favor.
    thank You!

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