>> Report & Submit New Unknown Viruses

If you got to know some new viruses, suspected viruses, that are not being detected by the latest antivirus updates. Then let me know. Send me the virus file. I’ll try to find a complete solution for that, before any antivirus does : )

Thats the way i work . . .


First visit https://piyushlabs.wordpress.com/self-troubleshooting-manual-steps-to-kick-out-any-virus/

Try to solve the virus problem yourself.

If you are unable to fix it.

Leave a comment with information about the virus file.

1. Icon (how the file looks like)

2. Properties (right click on it and tell me the complete detail: type,description,sizes,location,attributes,created,modified,details,complete version information,summary,etc,…. )

3. What are the problems you are facing.

Then you have to upload the file to some location and mail me the link. or mail me at piyushlabs @gmail dot com

Wait for a few days, i’ll reply and try to find the solution.

Sometimes, i am too late to reply your messages, apologize for that.

330 Responses to “>> Report & Submit New Unknown Viruses”

  1. Tito Says:

    Hey dude,
    First off i wanna say great work man…i have been a fan of your site ever since i found it and you serious are supercool!!! 🙂
    I wanted to ask you something…my C drive keeps becoming full within hours of reinstalling xp
    i have around 7 Gb of total space(sad i knw) and within hours of reinstalling xp(again and again) the drive becomes ful
    There are NO space consuming softwares inside..or other files…also i do not keep antivirus software…therefore i dont think its the quarantine files also.
    Also if i try to make changes to my startup it says that the changes are denied and i need to log in through a admin acc when i am already in an admin acc!!!
    Also i think that my ram is being overused by processes that i cannot end using task manager.
    I have run virus scans with multiple anti virus softwares, formatted all my drives, used your heals(most of them gave awesome results!!! 🙂 though temporary 😦 )tried everything but sooner of later i end up in this state.
    Please tell me what you think abt this.
    Thanks a lot for reading
    Again…dude..you are supercool!!!!!

    • piyushlabs Says:

      Check the size of complete drive, (around 6GB accrding to u)
      select each folder within C:\ and check size and tell me. Add them up. It should be around 3 GB.
      This means there are files saved in you “SystemVolInfo” folder and “Recycler/d” Folder.
      Tell me if this is the case.
      Try ending process using Sysinternals’s “ProcessXP”

  2. aseem Says:

    virus to pendrive.
    after attacking virus to my 4GB pen drive it just showing 2.95 mb space only, remaining 789MB space is showing as unpartioned space.tell me what to do?

    • piyushlabs Says:

      try formatting in Linux.. (ubuntu, etc) using its inbuilt disk partition tools.

    • Eirohn Says:

      if i open local disk like driveC or D and my drive have a icon like $avg recycle..and so on and like what you post i have encounter pls help me what can i do?

    • Eirohn Says:

      if i open local disk like driveC or D and my drive have a icon like $avg recycle..and so on and like what you post i have encounter pls help me what can i do?

      i cant open my drive C and D and told windows cannot access the specified device,path,or file.You may -have the appropriate permissions to access the item

  3. Doubtysmurf Says:

    i have encountered an interesting virus…
    it is probably an rootkit based… cause… i cannot locate any suspicious process running when i use process viewing tools… like task manager… free process viewer… but i can’t run “processexp” [sysinternal process explorer] the virus kills the processexp as soon as it is launched!
    i looked at registry entries with autoruns [sysinternal autorun] there is no suspicious process in any startup registry locations…
    i have looked at root of each drive for any autorun.inf based virus but i couldn’t locate any “bat”, “com” or “exe” files … [i searched with dos command “dir *.* /a s h r” ] so i am having problem locating the process by which it is spawning itself… it is probably using some windows legit process like “explore.exe” “svchost.exe” [by the way… there is no dummy svchost.exe files either!]
    i am away for weekend… i will send u hijackthis log ASAP… meanwhile… any suggestion? i don’t have much experience with rootkit based virus… [except the “amvo.exe”]
    C ya…

    • piyushlabs Says:

      send me autoruns details also (do verify signature as well, from tools options)
      probably, some services installed, or dlls
      if you are unable to use “processxp”, then use some other process explorer freewares you can get i from various websites.

  4. prachi Says:


    there is this problem with my system..
    as soon as windows (xp) starts.. it says.. ntdetect/run.exe: exe corrupted..
    and sometimes.. even for driveguard..
    besides.. no antivirus seems to get installed.. tried installing avast.. the screen turned blue.. and then turned off.. even avira wasnt getting installed..
    scanned the sys with the online eset nod32 scanner.. showed over 1500+threats..
    and then removesIT pro v4.. showed about 26threats.. healed 25.. asked me to manually delete one.. dont remember which one.. something system.n…
    then when i restarted the system.. so that i would scan again.. same popup regarding exe corrupted.. and also the removeIT setup seems to have gone corrupted..

    what to do?

    • piyushlabs Says:

      ntdetect.exe & run.exe seems some virus, which have been corrupted.
      even driveguard is also some kind spyware (though is doesnt harm, but spreads automatically).
      Reasons for Blue Screen : harddisk error, RAM error.
      In your case it seems some files are corrupted, when they try to run, they give BlueScreen.
      1500+ viruses: Probably all your executable files have been infected by virus.
      Run safe mode, Goto start>Run and type


      insert your xp CD and all your corrupted system exe files will be replaced by original ones.
      Also do a scan disk of drives Cdrive>rightclick>properties>Tools>ErrorChecking>CheckNow

  5. Bob Says:

    Need a big favor from you again ….i am crrently using windows xp2,i am not able to write/burn stuff in my dvd-rom drive ,before also its happens wit the same problem i.e “could not perform disc at once” first i thought my dvd-rom was not working but it was ok again but now same thing again….is this a virus or ??????PLzzzzz suggest

    • piyushlabs Says:

      Bob, i can’t figure out if its any virus.
      Try reinstalling your drivers,
      MyComputer> RightClick> Manage> DeviceManager> SelectCdDrive> RightClick> Uninstall> Reboot> DriverReinstallsAutomatically
      Or else try some other DVD burning softwares…

  6. Eirohn Says:

    there are files saved in drive d“SystemVolInfo” folder and “Recycler/d” Folder.then if i click driveD
    windows cannot access the specified device,path,or file.You may -have the appropriate permissions to access the item..pls help me what can i do?

    can i ask are you a filipino?

    • piyushlabs Says:

      “System Volume Information” and Recycle(d/r) are system folders which you cannot open in NTFS drives (Although always there are some ways).
      Recycled in FAT and Recycler in NTFS stores the files that you delete, ie, RecycleBin.
      SystemVolInfo contains files for System Restore.

      m not filipino… m indian 😉

  7. Nabin Acharya Says:

    I m gr8 fan of yours, i used killer.exe remover tool to revive my PC a year back.
    But now my PC is again suffering from fatal virus .
    plz help.
    i have sent you the virus which i got in my Pendrive.
    My PC errors:
    1)Pictures file in any format doesn’t open.
    2)When i install any antivirus , it can’t start up.
    3)When flash content in loaded in IE ,, PC restarts.
    4)Most of back ups in exe files are corrupted.
    5)A Blank popup titled “Advertisement” frequently appears while connected in internet.
    4)Very slow and frequent restart.

    My PC;
    Pentium 4 2.80ghz
    1gb + 256Mb DDR2 ram
    windows Xp

    plz help nabinrocks@gmail.com

    • piyushlabs Says:

      ya, i have heard of such virus , which converts the file extension of movies into images (*.avi to *.jpg) may b thats the case.
      In case all your exe files are infected,.. reinstall xp, install antivirus from a good source(make sure that exe is not infected), and repair/disinfect all your exe’s before you use any of them.

  8. Rajesh Maheshwari Says:


    my computer is having a virus “USB cillin v0.1″(coded by :Rajat)his website http://www.rajat.com.np .It is not shown in Add & Removed Programme me.Please let me know how I can remove “USB cillin v0.1” that this can be waived out of my computer. Further I would like to let you know that this “USB cillin ” can not be removed with my existing anto-virus programme.

    Please help me to remove the above stated virus.

  9. aseem Says:

    when i try to connect my pendrive its showing like this
    one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it
    i tried in many sys same messagee is displayed.
    what is the solution for it

  10. Mac Says:

    Is it possible to have a virus in my computer that only infects the pen drive? All pen drives that I connect to my computer have this virus that has various names every time like My Movie.exe, Hot Clip.exe, etc. When i try to format it in my pc, the virus still remains. I tried formatting it in my friends pc and the formatting worked. There was no virus after that. But when i connected it back to my pc, after 5 seconds, a new virus got generated. I have no clue wots going on. Is this a known problem?

  11. Mac Says:

    I tried cleaning it with your heal pen drive software, but after the old virus is deleted, a new one generates!

  12. Harrish Says:

    Hey How do you know all this things? Amazing!!

    Myself I’m Harrish, I’m studying BE Comp Sci. I’m interested in programings in Visual Basic…

    Can you help me to do a nice project in Visual Basic…?

    my ID is whitewinter_alone@yahoo.co.in
    Sent your idea to me pls.
    Thanx in Advance….

  13. Harrish Says:


    I just need to say ’bout VIRUSSSSS. I hate Virus programs also i hate the Virus programmers. A Linux OS named Slax. I’m using it. it can be used as Live CD. I’m using pendrives in this OS. ’cause virus is not hidden to this OS. we can able to see the virus by its name you know. In this some virus like Newfilder.exe is placing in your Pen Drive then you just click that and press Shift+Delete to delete the virus. Then if your OS attacked by Viruses then Go to C: in Slax and see the Recycler folder if any thing extension with .exe just delete it….

    Bye from Harrish

  14. Madhu Says:

    Dear Piyush,
    Before 3 yrs, ur blog helped me to resolve an issue. Now am back to ur site looking for help?

    Am using Mozilla, when the browser is idle, automatically it opens some gaming sites, webface.com kind off sites of its own. Scanned using kaspersky, superantispyware, antimalware, spybot, tdssrootkiller etc.

    Looking forward for your reply.. please sent the same to onlinejobs4madhu@yahoo.co.in.

    Thanks & Regards,

  15. Rahul Says:

    My pc windows 8.1 on networks showing new admistrator (javed) pc n some pics and videos also please help me how does it comes n how to remove it please help me please.

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