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Uninstalling Linux

27 November, 2007

i was just trying to use linux, i had installed two weeks ago.

Fist i had Sabayon, i like its 3D beryl effect… its awesome. But it was very unstable and often crashes. So then i installed PCLinux replacing previous linux, it got all the features but it was unable to write on ntfs drives ūüė¶

Now i wanted to uninstall even this one. What i did, in winXP i just formatted the drives in which linux was installed.

Then o’ my god. It was showing some grub loader error. I understand i shouldn’t have done like that, coz thats not the right procedure (now i know).

Thanx to Gaurav mota, he helped me fixing the problem. What he did, just boot the comp using win XP cd, and delete the linux partition, and create it again… dats all… and everything is normal again.

¬†Now, m thinking of installing Solaris 10,… hope no problem.. he he…

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