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Heal Pendrive v2.0 uploaded

2 February, 2011

Heal Pendrive v2.0

Finally i finished the v2 for HealPendrive. It has a user friendly GUI and many useful features.

*This tool can be used to remove virus/suspected files from pendrive.
*Instructions are provided at the botom of each step.
*Build on, this application is much superior to the previous v1.0
*Improved “hunt-and-delete” has been integrated in this version.
+Automatic selection for connected pendrive.
+Details for the selected drive.
+Displays contents of autorun.inf
+Individual options to fix registries.
+Calls CHKDSK utility to detect and fix bad sectors.
+Most appreciating “hunt-and-delete” feature with multiple options.

Whats not:
-Files marked for deletion are deleted permanently.(not sent to Recycle Bin)
-Registry change is not reversible.
-This tool only to be used on removable drives.

Whats coming:
*Safely remove drive feature in the next builds.

New Release: Safely Remove Pendrive

14 February, 2009

Taking out pendrives without safely removing,
 may corrupt file system on pendrive
 and may make the pendrive completely unrecognizable and unusable.
So, you should always Safely Remove Pendrive before pulling it out.

Many times when you try to eject a pendrive it gives an error.
‘ Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device ‘

Eg, if you are playing a song from pendrive and you try to safely remove, it won’t.
 media player, explorer.exe, etc. access the files and folders on pendrive,
 even if you stop playing them.
Also many viruses accesses the autorun.inf file and virus files in your pendrive.
This tool will help you to close the handles of the processes
 which are accessing files on pendrive.
So that you can safely remove the pen drive.

Download Link

Hunt and Delete Virus Files

6 January, 2009

This small utility is a continuation of HealPenDrive.
I have added a few more options.
The best one is: This will help you to delete , what i call, “pattern files”.
Like a virus exe file inside every folder with the name of parent folder name
Eg: ..\songs\songs.exe
One more option is to hunt n delete files based on its size.

Its completely a “batch” file.
I went throgh various samples of batch file over net and learnt to code such programs. Its nice 🙂
So you can open and check its contents.

*Many of you have complained about HealPenDrive to be detected as virus. The thing is, that software is built by AutoIt software, which cannot (as far as i know) be run in exe debuggers to know its exact working. Most of AutoIt files are being put up suspicious by antiviruses there have been many viruses found built on AutoIt.

Link to download:

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